Karol G is crowned Woman of the Year by Billboard, demonstrating her influence in the industry

Karol G was undoubtedly one of the most mentioned singers in the year 2023, who along with Shakiracreated a musical collaboration that broke the charts on different streaming platforms, in addition to attracting some controversy and in turn more recognition, now, one of the most prestigious magazines that exists has decided to give it an incredible milestone.

The winner at Grammy demonstrated the great success that has left its mark within the music industry, not only in Spanish-speaking countries but also throughout the world, where it was recognized even in the USA by Billboardbeing crowned as the Woman of the Year by the American magazine.

On the other hand, the bug’s fans have not stopped viralizing the sensational achievement, highlighting the influence that the singer has achieved thanks to her successes and different collaborations, not only musical, but also with one or another streaming platform, such as Netflixwho gave him the opportunity to participate in the recent production of ‘Griselda‘.

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