Could Sabrina Carpenter take Taylor Swift’s glory on the Hot 100 with ‘Espresso’?

Taylor Swift He remains without a doubt one of the most popular superstars in the music industry today, and he has not only managed to achieve countless milestones and recognitions, but he has also managed to amass countless fans around the world with his incredible hits. , the same ones who never stop delighting in listening to them over and over again, positioning them at the top of the different lists in the industry.

As one of the most important, the Hot 100 of Billboardchart that was consumed by Taylor Swift’s recent album work ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘, occupying the first 14 positions with his sensational tracks, however, the column of The Contenders has been analyzing the artists who aspire to the top of the Billboard charts and Sabrina Carpenter has managed to gain some relevance.

The multi-platform artist’s single managed to debut at number 7 last week, and although it drops to number 22 this week, it is said that for the second week of this month (May 11), it’s quite possible that Sabrina Carpenter’s new single, ‘Espresso‘, climbed back to the top of the list.

But,Can Sabrina Carpenter really take Taylor Swift’s glory?, this is a question that many industry experts have answered with a resounding “No”, however, the charts can vary weekly in an unexpected way, which leaves us with an uncertain answer, but we can be sure. I’m sure it’s the incredible success that ‘Espresso’ is currently having, it’s really good!

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