Dua Lipa’s basic look for a romantic date with her boyfriend in the United States

After her failed relationship with the renowned French director Romain Gavras, the music superstar Dua Lipa seems to have been living her best love story today, and the Londoner has been dating the actor Callum Turner with whom he has been seen repeatedly in a romantic way.

For a few months now, both artists have decided to share their lives together and since then they have been seen kissing in the streets, taking walks together and even traveling to other countries. Today the singer has become a trend on networks after using a basic look for a new romantic date with your boyfriend in New YorkUSA.

Although perhaps the couple tried to go unnoticed in their new meeting, both were the protagonists of the street of the Big Apple, where for this occasion Dua Lipa wore a basic look made up of a black jacket short with wide sleeves, about classic jeans in a worn blue and some heels and black bag as accessories, clothing that the paparazzi and fans did not miss, commenting that no matter how simple she looks, she always looks like a goddess.

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