Hamas will respond to the truce proposal at the beginning of next week, according to sources – El Sol de México

Hamas will respond to the latest proposal to reach a Stop the fire in the Gaza Strip in a “very short” period of time, which will be “at the beginning of next week,” an official from the Palestinian group told EFE this Thursday without specifying any date.

According to this same source, who requested anonymity, those responsible for the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement They are immersed in conversations and do not want to report “whether there is progress or not” because “it is hasty.”

Likewise, he showed his desire to “reach the end of the war”, despite the fact that it contradicts Israel’s position, given that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahurejects an agreement that includes the end of the conflict in the Palestinian enclave.

On the other hand, according to a high-ranking Egyptian security official, the head of Egyptian Intelligence, Abbas Kamel, had a phone call with the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniye, who assured that a delegation from the movement will travel to Egypt “in the next two days” to continue with the talks and “announce the final position.”

In addition, he stressed that “most of the proposal received the acceptance of the movement both inside and outside” Palestine“.

This source also noted that Egypt is intensifying its contacts with the competent parties involved in the mediation “to announce the truce as soon as possible and end the war in Gaza.”

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The latest truce proposal, according to Egyptian sources told EFE, provides for the exchange of all Israeli hostages in Loop in exchange for the release of 1,290 Palestinian captives in Israeli penitentiaries.

The initiative also includes a pause in fighting in three phases, lasting 124 days, in which a cessation of military operations would be implemented in parallel with an increase in humanitarian aid for the Palestinians, according to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbarclose to the Shiite group Hezbollah.

According to the Lebanese channel Al Mayadin, which cites Palestinian sources, the document does not include Hamas’s main demand, which is the end of the warbut it has served to create a basis for negotiations that could soon lead to an agreement.

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