Henry Cavill confessed what he thinks about Shakira, after the rumors that linked them romantically

Henry Cavill, the acclaimed actor of films like ‘Batman vs. ‘Superman: Dawn of Justice’, he has given his honest opinion on the show’Wake up America‘about what he thinks of the Colombian Shakiraafter the two have been romantically related for a long period of time.

Since the entire world learned that the Barranquilla woman had ended her romantic relationship with Gerard Piquéshe has been linked to numerous men who belong to the entertainment industry, but without a doubt among those possible links, the one that drew the most attention was that of Henry.

From that moment on, fans had wanted to know what Henry Cavill thought about those rumors and it was in recent days that he expressed it all. In order to promote his new film ‘The Ministry if Ungentlemanly’, the actor attended an interview in which the journalist saw no impediment to questioning him about the interpreter of ‘Aim‘, and if he considered himself a fan of hers.

There his co-stars responded for him, admitting: ‘He’s obviously a Shakira fan, his hips don’t lie‘, and immediately afterwards he admitted: ‘My hips don’t lie, she took inspiration from me‘.

After the laughter and now with a more serious tone The actor confessed what he thinks of her, admitting that she is a great artist and that is why he is a follower of hers.and that even: ‘When I was growing up in my film career she was a big star, and I heard her on the radio all the time.‘, making clear, in part, who does not have any type of romantic relationship with shakei’, but as if he were just another fan, he constantly listens to their songs.

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