Kate Middleton has overcome her dispute with Meghan Markle. Will she visit the United States?

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is about to end a very important and media year for her image and future as the next queen consort of the Kingdom United. And now, a royal expert claims that his drama with Meghan Markle and the prince harry It has remained in the past, being an issue that has been overcome for her, so she is focused on what is coming and not on what has happened previously.

The last three years for Kate have been quite an event; dramas and alleged rivalries, accusations of racism to alleged rumors of infidelity in her marriage with him. Prince of Welsh. However, she has faced every situation very seriously, including her drama with the dukes of SussexEdit.

And now, the real author Valentine Low he tells the American magazine PEOPLE that Kate only “cares about the long-term interests of the monarchy and the royal family. Meanwhile, any thoughts of the past have been forgotten, so there are no intentions of resuming her relationship with Meghan and Harry.

“She has moved on and william too,” a close friend of Kate’s tells the aforementioned media in this week’s edition. «She is very focused on what matters in the future. “They don’t look back.”

For its part, simon lewisformer head of communications Buckingham Palace and co-host of the podcast BBC When It Hits the Fan, adds the following about the future monarch: “She is largely seen as a player in the center of the Windsor team.”

With this, it is clear that Kate Middleton has overcome his drama with Meghan Markle and the the prince Harry. At the same time, it opens up the possibilities of traveling to USA representing the crown. When will it do it? There are no stipulated dates yet.

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