King Felipe VI would have prevented a third pregnancy for Queen Letizia

The Spanish press affirms that the king Philip VI He refused to expand his family with Queen Letizia, thus preventing the arrival of a third child into their lives. Apparently, some actions of the current monarch led the king to make the decision not to have more parents, a fact that caused the kings of Spain they only have two daughters; the Princess Eleanor and the infanta Sofia.

According to what was reported by ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’, King Felipe prevented Queen Letizia from having a third pregnancy because he did not want to have more children with her.following suspicions he would have had about his wife’s ties to other men.

According to the aforementioned media, the Head of State discovered that Letizia was still in contact with one of her ex-partners, already at the time when Sofía and Leonor had arrived into this world. And although Felipe wanted a large family, his distrust made him stop wanting a third pregnancy.

“The king had the intention of expanding the family, but he discovered that Letizia continued seeing Jaime del Burgo, which created a situation of mistrust on the part of the then prince. Felipe, who wanted a large family, He lost his trust in Letizia and decided not to have a third child with her“, they assured from Catalonia.

In recent months a scandal emerged claiming that the Queen Letizia she would have had an affair with her former brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo. It was the lawyer himself who revealed the secret, a situation that directly damaged the image and reputation of the Spanish monarch and that of the king himself. Philip VI.

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