Wendy Guevara walks through Paris and compares it to Mexico. What did she say? – The Sun of Mexico

Wendy Guevara will be part of the star bar for coverage of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024so he is walking in the french city while answering calls to record. However, it seems that the influencer find the resemblance to Mexico in every place you visit.

Through her TikTok and Instagram accounts, Wendy has shared with her fans her adventure while visiting iconic places of Paris as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. Although what has caused moments of astonishment among his followers is that every opportunity he has he highlights what are the things that also exist in his country.

What if in Mexico there are also similar sculpturesas the of Diana the Huntress Or until hop-on hop-off bus for sightseeing.

Didn’t Paris impress Wendy Guevara?

With her characteristic sense of humor, the influencer originally from Guanajuato has been able to keep her fans aware of her work trip to Paris, as she makes very funny comments every time she visits a new place.

Passing outside the museum The Louvre, Wendy He told his colleagues to imagine how many bricklayers would have had to work on that construction so big.

“What you see there, it is a very large construction. Imagine how much flooring glue I have to buy, how many bricklayers wetting the cement, spraying it all day so that it dries well. So that construction must be very expensive,” she noted with humor.

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