LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura’s Live Vocals at ‘Coachella 2024’ Is Going Viral for Something Unexpected

The Idol sakura of LE SSERAFIM He performed with his group at the recent ‘Coachella 2024’ event, which was attended by millions of people and singers from around the world. At this event, the 26-year-old Japanese singer became a topic of conversation, as her voice had an ‘unexpected change’ after she had recently been criticized.

The star of kpop He had previously experienced criticism from hundreds of people due to a live performance in which his voice was not the best. However, now, as if trying to ‘shut up mouths‘, the actress also showed that she is full of talents, and her voice is the main one.

Through social networks like ‘X’, several people The subject of the unexpected turn of his voice went viral, and they also celebrated the dedication and hard work she had to undergo to show that she is much more than she believes. Her followers specifically pointed out her deep tone and low range, qualities that make her voice distinct and very attractive.

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