Lee Sun-Kyun found dead after alleged suicide

Lee Sun-Kyunone of the most prominent actors in South Korea, has lost his life and social networks do not stop talking about it, since the alleged cause of death would be something fatal, since everything would indicate that the famous star of the series ‘Parasite‘He would have committed suicide and people have shown their regret through social networks, where there is speculation as to what could be the causes of this tragedy.

Seongbuk police reported that after receiving a missing person report, they set out to search for the 48-year-old actor. Lee Sun-Kyun was one of the main suspects in a long-running case of use and illegal drug abuse for a few months, and it was only until yesterday, that the actor revealed that he had consumed drugs through deception and that he did not know what he was ingesting.

According to international media, Lee Sun-Kyun’s body was found this morning at approximately 10:30 a.m., South Korean time, in a downtown park. To date, the actor’s true cause of death has not been revealed, however, it is presumed that Lee took his own life, as his drug case would be getting out of hand.

Lee Sun-Kyun, who received praise for his role in ‘Parasite‘, made all his fans wake up with this terrible news today, and since World Music We send our best wishes to all his family and friends close to the actor, wishing him a peaceful rest.

What opinion do you have about what happened? Do you really believe that the actor took his own life?

How do you feel about this news?

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