MrBeast sues comedy channel Enchufe TV for sketch – El Sol de México

The YouTuber MrBeast Known for his big heart, he sued Ecuadorian channel Enchufe TV for sketch in which they parody the American’s works.

Through a statement, TV plug announced that YouTube sued the company; However, they hope there is a mutual understanding to avoid damaging the entertainment world.

“We trust that this agreement can be resolved through a constructive dialogue between both parties, avoiding major consequences,” the bulletin states.

Who is MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldsonbetter known as MrBeast He is an American YouTuber and philanthropist, owner of his own company Beast Studios, in addition He is the founder of charitable organizations such as Team Trees.

Born in 1998, he began his career on YouTube in 2012 by publishing gameplays. Over time, his content evolved to include extreme challenges and acts of charity, such as giving money to strangers and donating to charities.

On one occasion he paid for cataract surgery for a thousand blind or visually impaired people who could not afford the cost of the surgery.

At the beginning of March, he was caught leaving the facilities of Integra AC, an organization that provides services to vulnerable sectors of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

Recentlyrescued 100 dogs from the street and gave them up for adoption. In addition, he gave each one life insurance and a food package.

“I’m so glad all these dogs are going to have a fantastic home,” she said. MrBeast.

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