Netflix and its 5-episode miniseries that is sweeping the platform

The streaming service Netflix has a shocking miniseries that, with only 5 chapters, is one of the most viewed titles on its platform currently.

‘The Cigarette Girl’ is the new miniseries that has conquered millions of users on Netflix, thanks to its incredible history that leaves an important message of empowerment for all women.

Directed by Ifa Isfansyah and Kamila Andini, stars Dian Sastrowardoyo, Ario Bayu, Putri Marino, Arya Saloka, Sheila Dara, Ibnu Jamil, Tissa Biani and Sha Ine Febriyanti. This epic series is based on a book that chronicles the love and self-discovery of a woman in the 1960s.

«A talented and outstanding craftswoman experience love and personal self-discovery as you seek to revolutionize the traditional industry of the clove cigarette in 1960s Indonesia,” relates his synopsis on Netflix.

‘The Cigarette Girl’ is currently among the 10 most viewed series Netflix all over the world, so you should not hesitate to enjoy this incredible story.

Enjoy the trailer from ‘The Cigarette Girl’ here:

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