Netflix and its controversial film that is a trend on the platform for its erotic content

The streaming platform Netflix has a quite controversial film that was slaughtered by critics thanks to its content. However, the production is receiving a good reception on the service, allowing it to be one of the most viewed films of the week.

‘Miller’s Girl’ is the Netflix movie of the thriller genre with extensive erotic content that generated a great controversy after its debut in dating.

The criticism It destroyed her and they considered her story somewhat bizarre. And it is, since she recounts the love affair between a 52-year-old professor and a young student who is only 18 years old.

The film stars Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortegawho play the teacher and student who, as a result of their entanglement, left us with controversial scenes that caused a great barrage of criticism and it was assured that it is a film that should be considered genre X.

‘Miller’s Girl’ is an ideal choice for fans of films erotic and controversial. Netflix has dared with this film and has now managed to position it as one of the most viewed on its platform in recent days.

Check out the official trailer here:

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