Queen Letizia gave a luxurious gift to King Felipe VI amid the infidelity scandal

In the midst of the Christmas festivities, the scandal of the alleged infidelity of the Queen Letizia to him king philip SAW has reached Operetta. However, that has not prevented the monarch from giving a luxurious gift to her husband, at the same time taking advantage of her opportunity to try to alleviate the enormous tension that she could feel at this time due to the controversy generated.

The ‘Readings’ portal has announced the gift that will surely Letizia It could have been given to Felipe VI on December 24. It is a gift that she has repeated since the year 2019 and that he completely enchants; a luxurious fragrancebut not just anyone.

This is ‘Dark Blue’, one of the firm’s most famous and exclusive perfumes. Hugo boss. This is one of the most iconic examples of the brand, which describes it as “a perfume between freshness and passion. Provocative. Vibrant. Exceptional.”

From the famous signaturedefine its enigmatic smell as “the perfect mix: The top note is happy and fresh, with hints of lime and grapefruit pink. The middle note is intense, with a base of resins and touches of suede and tobacco.”

In this way the Queen Letizia I would not have hesitated to give the king Philip VI the perfume that you like so much and that you repeat year after year. But let there be no doubt, this year the gift has had a special touch thanks to the enormous scandal that besieges the image of the monarch and that would ensure that she has not been faithful to the Head of State.

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