SHINee’s Minho is called “Korean basic man” and fans explode

Recently, minho of SHINee has been one of the Idols of the K-Pop most mentioned on social networks, this after some users called him ‘basic Korean man’, something that of course made thousands of fans angry, who assure that the artist is not at all common and, on the contrary, stands out quite a bit. about the social standards of the Asian country.

After a post with the title ‘Basic Korean Minho‘, on the social network xnot only the band’s fandom, but also many lovers of good K-Pop came out in defense of the Idol.

“If the basic Korean man was like him, Korea’s birth rate wouldn’t be at such a low point,” “I’m not saying this because I’m Asian. I say this because he is incredibly beautiful. There’s nothing basic about him”, “Oh, I’m sorry for your horrible tastes, and that you can’t see how handsome he is”, “Basic Choi Minho? You’re out of your mind!”, “someone hasn’t gone to the ophthalmologist,” were some of the comments who rejected the criticism against the SHINee singer.

How do you feel about this news?

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