Taylor Swift victim of terrible heat stroke at a concert in Brazil where even a fan died

The famous singer Taylor Swift is currently in Brazil, an incredibly beautiful country that is going through a terrible period of heat, before the arrival of winter, causing many people to be in poor health during the American’s presentations.

The temperatures have been so high that people have shared through social networks that the singer herself even sent her team to give water to the fans who had already been waiting for the show for hours. The situation was so complicated and dangerous that even the singer herself had a terrible time.

According to several reports, the temperatures in Brazil On November 17, the date of the singer’s first concert, temperatures reached more than 60 degrees Celsius, so the experience for the more than 40 thousand people could quickly become hell on earth, which endangered the lives of thousands of people.

Taylor Swift would also have been involved in the terrible momentsince the heat would have been so impressive that the moment where the singer left the concert with a cold cloth on her head was shared on networks, as she had to adapt to the high temperature that her body had, due to the fact that it was not only heat, but also the amount of lights hitting her made the heat on stage stronger for her.

The heat wave It was so intense that one of the fans, who was happy to meet her goal of seeing Taylor Swift, lost her life in the middle of the concert, due to cardiac arrest, according to her friends through social networks, who have lamented the loss. death of the 23-year-old girl.

what do you think about it? Do you think Taylor Swift will say something about it after the young woman’s death?

How do you feel about this news?

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