The anime ‘Tower of God’ gives a little joy to its fans after announcing its return

In the year 2022 it was very carefully confirmed that the renowned animated series ‘Tower of God‘ was already working on its second season, and it was already underway by its creators, however, fans have had to wait very patiently to find out new information about this anime.

‘Tower of God’ was one of the first original projects launched by the streaming platform Crunchyrollwhich had its first season in 2020, obtaining an unimaginable level of popularity, and it was only until last year that there was talk that there were new episodes underway and a small teaser of what awaits fans in his second installment.

As expected, anime fans will have to wait a little longer to enjoy this second season, as ‘Tower of God’ can be seen on the streaming platform starting July 2024but the specific day of this release has not yet been given.

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