The BLINKS claim that BLACKPINK’s Rosé had plastic surgery

Rose of BLACKPINK made a recent appearance at an event Tiffany & Co. in Japan, where she looked like a princess. The singer’s outfit was a puffy black dress with silver accessories on her neck and hand, and very subtle makeup. Although her appearance caught the attention of the cameras and media present, a small change in her face was clear for The BLINKS claimed that she had undergone plastic surgery.

After seeing the images of Rosé’s appearance, the band’s followers went to the most popular social networks and agreed to affirm that she had undergone some procedure, because her eyes looked different.

On the left Rosé at the Tiffany & Co event, on the right she in photos for the Sulwhasoo campaign

The theory they arrived at is that he had undergone a double eyelid surgery, as the folds of his eyes looked slightly higher than on previous occasions. They even compared the images with his previous campaign with Sulwhasoo, where the line is not very visible.

Many BLINKS They felt that the new effect on her eyes was not as striking as when she had completely almond-shaped eyes, however, they asserted that she continued to be beautiful anyway. Others, but being the minority, also expressed that although she could have undergone surgery, it would also be simple makeup effects; however, for the majority the first version could be the true one.

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