The great benefits that BTS members have with their diplomatic passports

The members of btsthe famous group of kpophave in their possession one of the most desired passports in the world known as the diplomatic passport, which has great benefits.

Due to the great recognition that BTS has worldwide and their need to travel to many countries to present their music, the former president of South Korea Moon Jae Inappointed the seven members as Special Envoys of Future Korea, giving each of them letters of appointment, commemorative pens and also a diplomatic passport.

This document was given to Jungkook, suga, Jin, J-Hope, V, RM and Jimin, the benefit of receiving a visa exemption to 199 countries, which means they can more easily enter new points; It should be noted that the Idols only use this passport for special diplomatic activities, since they use the normal passport for their personal trips.

In addition to the benefit of visa exemption, they also have diplomatic immunity, that is, they cannot be prosecuted for any crime they commit while traveling on official business, which means that they can always represent their country well. BTS singers can also make tax-free purchases and are exempt from any type of search that authorities would like to do to validate their responsibilities as diplomats.

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