‘The Marvels’ suffers a historic box office failure for Marvel

‘The Marvels’the most recent film Marvelis suffering from historic failure at the box office, thanks to its disastrous premiere that could become the worst in the entire history of the production company, which has not enjoyed a very successful year in movie theaters.

As reported by the American portal deadline’The Marvels’ is on track to have the worst opening of a Marvel movie to date in the USA and all over the world.

‘The Marvels’ would be getting the worst debut for Marvel at the box office.

The first estimates stipulate that ‘The Marvels’ will raise between 47 and 55 million Dollars during his first weekend in the ticket office US . It is expected to have added between 21 and 22 million yesterday, including the income from Thursday night’s previews. But if nothing changes in his favor, that would mean that he would be taking away the pitiful record of ‘The incredible Hulk’which debuted with 55.4 million in 2008.

‘The Marvels’ has had a budget of more than 220 million dollars, to which another 100 million should be added directed to the marketing area. Given that scenario, only an enormous miracle, at the level of the one in the animated film Pixar ‘Elemental’ could prevent it from being a historic failure and thus cause enormous losses for the brand.

Marvel 2023 has not had a good year, and it seems that ‘The Marvels’ It will be the final blow to a disappointing season at the box office in the United States and the rest of the world.

Check the official trailer from ‘The Marvels’ here:

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