Firefighter Robot: Hermosillo has the first in Latin America – El Sol de México

This Wednesday morning, the Hermosillo Fire Departmentin Sonora, received a automated robot to put out fires, becoming the first to possess a unit of this type in the entire Latin America.

The delivery of the robot, called SERI (Robotic Fire Extinguishing System)was carried out at the Central Station of the Hermosillo Fire Departmentwhere Mayor Antonio Astiazarán was present.

“Now it is going to become a work tool, but above all a security tool for all of you. It must be said that not only in all of Mexico, in all Latin America There is no robot of this nature that can extinguish fires,” he said.

Likewise, during the event, six defibrillators were delivered, as well as the mascot of the Firefighters team, with the purpose of assisting in emergency rescue tasks and to encourage the culture of prevention in minors.

For its part, Juan Francisco Matty Ortegahead of the Hermosillo Fire Department, indicated that the robotic unit was donated by a company and has a value of 600 thousand pesos, which has a remote control system with video surveillance, in addition to withstanding high temperatures to deal with fires.

Besides, SERI It has a high capacity to put down fires from great distances, since it can expel jets of water to a height greater than the 40 meters.

“With the help of the robot we will be able to have greater efficiency and economy in the use of resources, and the main thing, already in the service and work of the elements, we can prioritize the human element for tasks of greater relevance or greater emergency,” he mentioned. .

Originally published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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