The supposed IVE producer who has gone viral for his sensuality

A alleged producer of the KPop group, IVE, It went viral for its sexy content and sensualityand while at first it was believed that he was one of the people behind the group’s music, it was eventually revealed that this is not the case, and that he is simply a chinese model. The curious thing is that this was no impediment for hundreds of fans and Internet users to follow their social networks.

As often happens, fans of the groups want to investigate who is behind the music, and just like that they found information from the supposed producer of IVE, who finally ended up being a Chinese model called Jaden.

Although he seems to be starting out on the Instagram network with the user jaden_729, the young man has had many follow-up requests thanks to his sensuality and the photos taken by brands such as The North Face, GAP, among others. In addition, he also seems to be a very fit person, and as expected he publishes photographs with his statuesque body, now drawing the attention of the group’s fans. kpop.

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