They leak video having intimacy in the studio of Bang Yedam, former member of TREASURE

The Korean entertainment industry does not stop creating controversy, and now, an event has occurred that has outraged thousands of Internet users who love the genre of K-Popa controversy that has gone viral in a very short time and that has a quite strong video.

The beginning actor Lee Seohan is in serious trouble after he thought that publishing a video of two people getting intimate was a good idea, that’s right, the young actor published this May 2 a story on his Instagram where a man and a woman were having sexual relations in what was apparently the music studio of Bang Yedamwho was a member of the band TREASURE.

Seohan deleted the story very shortly after, however, it was too late, since once something is uploaded to the internet, it will remain there for the rest of the story, and because It is believed to be Bang’s study.many users have begun to speculate that perhaps the man who appears having sex could be Idol himself.

After the strong controversy it caused, Lee deactivated his account. instagrambut not before without leaving a message explaining What all this fuss was about.

Referring to the video published yesterday, it was just a joke between friends. I want to apologize to Yedam and her fans for the fact that the location of the video was Yedam’s workshop. I hope you don’t speculate and create misunderstandings about this material in the future. “I apologize for all the anguish caused, I will be more careful.”

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