This is the favorite estate of the British royal family in Spain

Nowadays, the last few months for the British royal family have been totally chaotic, and since the diagnosis of breast cancer was announced Kate Middleton and of king Charles IIImany know that Buckingham Palace has not been the same, since the rest of the family members have had to replace these two important figures in royal duties.

Despite it being a very hard time for them, when the members of the British royal family have a break or want to take a few days off, one of their favorite places is nothing more and nothing less than La Garganta, an exclusive estate located in Spain. This important place is located in Real cityin the Iberian country, being one of the Windsors’ favorite destinations to spend some quality time and away from their duties.

This important building has a large extension of up to 15,000 hectaresan area that according to experts is very similar to the built surface of the city of Barcelona. From Garganta we can highlight that in its immense hectare, this property has three large villas that have more than ten rooms that have a jacuzzi. They also have a sauna, swimming pool, a school and a chapel where they can say their prayers.

At the same time, this large estate has accommodation for its 100 employees and was purchased by the Duke of WestminsterHugh Grosvenorin 2001 for approximately 2.4 million euros ($2,571,600). Furthermore, as if that were not enough, La Garganta is known as one of the largest estates in Spanish territory, this being one of the favorite places of the British royal family to hunt animals such as deer or wild boar that are found within their lands.

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