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On many occasions, expenses arise that were not visualized and many people consider a early withdrawal of money from your Afore to be able to get out of certain financial complications. A route that is usually taken is he partial unemployment retirement Without thinking about the consequences of this, how can it affect you?

The Unemployment withdrawals are a right to which all workers who have an individual Afore account have access. The purpose of this withdrawal option is that a person can receive financial support while searching for another source of income to meet their needs.

If you make a withdrawal due to unemployment, weeks of contributions will be deducted, an action that could affect your future pension.. However, if you withdraw, you will later be able to reintegrate the resources withdrawn from your AFORE Account and thereby recover the weeks of discounted contributions. Furthermore, such withdrawal can be made once every 5 years.

In which cases can you make a partial withdrawal of your Afore?

According to the Government of Mexico website, the Law offers the option of an early partial withdrawal from your AFORE account in two cases: by marriage and unemployment.

Due to unemployment

If you want to make an unemployment withdrawal, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been unemployed for 46 calendar days.
  • Have at least 3 years with your retirement savings account open and 2 years of contributions to the IMSS.
  • Not having made this withdrawal in the last 5 previous years.
  • Have your Worker Identification File updated.


  • Official identification.
  • Bank account statement in your name with Standardized Bank Code (CLABE) number (optional).
  • Unique Services Key (CUS)

It is worth mentioning that there are two modalities to make the unemployment withdrawal, which depend on your contribution time in the IMSS:

  • Mode A: In In this modality, if your AFORE account has been opened for at least three years and a minimum of 2 years of contributions to the IMSS, you can receive in a single display 30 days of your last Base Contribution Salary with a limit of 10 times the value of the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA).
  • Modality B. On the other hand, if your account is up to 5 years old or more since it was opened, you will not be able to exceed 90 days of your Base Contribution Salary for the last 250 weeks or 11.5% of the resources accumulated in the Retirement subaccount.

by marriage

In the case of marriage, the following requirements are required:

  • Have a minimum of 150 weeks of contributions counted as of July 1, 1997
  • Not having obtained this right previously.
  • Be current as insured.
  • Have your Worker Identification File updated

You must also have the following documents:

  • Official identification.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Bank account statement in your name with Standardized Bank Code (CLABE) number (optional).
  • Pre-Request for the provision of resources for Partial Retirement due to Marriage generated in the E-SAR portal

Note that an early withdrawal of your Afore due to marriage does not imply a reduction in the weeks of contributions. that you have registered with the IMSS.

In case you require more information regarding partial withdrawals from the IMSS, go to this link from the Government of Mexico where all the details of the withdrawal process are specified.

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