This is the little-known story of the two’s friendship and war.

The British people and the entire world learned that among the Princess Diana and the queen Stretcher parker There was always a conflict, because the current monarch of the United Kingdom interfered between the marriage between King Charles and the deceased princess years ago.

Although this relationship has always been remembered as one of enmity and a war for love, There is a story of friendship that many people do not know and of which very little has been revealed.

Knowledgeable sources claim that Camilla Parker Bowles and Lady Di had a friendly relationship for many years, which finally caused that closeness to turn into hatred due to the betrayal that was committed. The truth is that the two began their relationship when Lady Di visited Camilla and her then husband’s country house. Andrew Parker Bowles.

Despite the age difference, the mother of Prince Harry and William always sought advice from her then friend, 14 years older, and found in her a person she could trust. However, that trust collapsed when the princess discovered that the king had given Camilla a compromising bracelet. just a few days before the royal wedding.

It was just at that moment when The friendship ended simply in a war. and in a loving circle, which is why Princess Diana gave one of the most controversial interviews of the royal family, where she revealed details of her marriage to the BBC, expressing that ‘There were 3 of us in that marriage, so we were a little confused.‘.

To this day, after the princess’s death, many fans continue to believe that the position that today belongs to Camilla Parker always belonged to the iconic Diana of Wales.

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