Zendaya shows a great resemblance to an unexpected K-Pop icon in her recent photo shoot

Zendaya is very well known not only in the film entertainment industry, but also in the world of fashion, which has allowed the actress to express her versatility when it comes to sensational looks and outfits, and although she is not at all an influencer direct in the K-Popmany lovers of the genre have been mentioning it for the social networks.

And the actress has been compared to an unexpected K-Pop icon, since many Internet users have even confused her with another person, could it be with Jenny?, or maybe with Karina? Or what other Idol in the industry could be confused with Zendaya? Well, the truth is that she is not a woman.

That’s right, hundreds of fans who have seen Zendaya’s latest photo shoot for British Voguethey believed that it was a Photoshoot of the popular taemin of SHINeehow is this possible!

In the carousel of images we can see the actress posing with much more clothes sporty and with a short hair wig, which together with the movements, poses, lights, cameras, angles and of course the radiant charisma and talent, coincided in a few photos to give the impression that the model was actually a K-pop idol, more specifically SHINee’s Taemin.

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