Electoral violence: Rodolfo Tapia PT candidate in Xochitepec suffers armed attack – El Sol de México

Rodolfo Tapia López, candidate for the municipal presidency of Xochitepec, Morelos, for the Labor Party (PT), was attacked by gunfire near the Santa Fe Fraccionamiento, Morelos.

The candidate reported that when he was going on the section from Alpuyeca to Atlacholoaya, of the Cuernavaca-Taxco highway, Subjects blocked his path to shoot him five times head-on at the vehicle in which he and his assistant were traveling, both of whom were unharmed.

Despite the attack, the authorities of the State Public Security Commission (CES) indicated that there was no report to 911, SeguriChat or the local municipal police.

The PT leadership also issued a message stating that this attack “reveals the climate of insecurity that the municipality is experiencing, it is worth noting that several figures involved in political life, especially those opposed to the current government, have suffered the same fate.””.

Who is Rodolfo Tapia?, PT candidate who suffered an attack in Morelos

Rodolfo Tapia López was mayor of Xochitepec in the 2013-2015 administration, and director of the Institute for Municipal Development and Strengthening of the State of Morelos (IDEFOMM) until 2018. In addition, he was part of the ranks of the PRI.

On March 18, the candidate confirmed his registration with the Labor Party to compete in the electoral process for the mayor of Xochitepec, Morelos.

Governor of Morelos proposes change in security strategy

A few hours before the attack, the alternate governor of Morelos, Samuel Sotelo Salgado, indicated that they would consider a change in security strategy to contain the wave of violence due to the 18 murders in 48 hours that were recorded in Morelos.

In his last statement, Sotelo Salgado indicated that security during the elections would be guaranteed, since local campaigns for councilors, municipal presidencies, as well as local councils begin next Monday, April 15.

This is the second violent act against an aspiring candidate in the state of Morelos, after the murder of Geovanni Lezama, PAN councilor from Cuautla who was seeking a deputation.

Note originally published by The Sun of Cuernavaca.

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