4 people die in a truck fire in Sinaloa – El Sol de México

He Civil Protection Institute confirmed the death of four people in the bus that caught fire on the Benito Juarez Highwayalso known as the Costeriteat the height of the municipality of Angostura, Sinaloa.

The PC director, Roy Navarrete Cuevasspecified that elements of the dependency, firefighters and paramedics They went to kilometer 82 of the road, near the Alhuey booth to attend to the emergency.

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He said that the authorities learned of the incident around 1:15 p.m., after videos about the fire went viral.

In the images released you can see how the crew members they escape from the interior, for a rear window on the left side of the bus, while the vehicle It is consumed by flames.

Navarrete Cuevas revealed that, apart from the four people who died in the car, five others were injured, so they were taken to receive medical attention at the Guamuchil General Hospital.

To date, it is unknown what the causes of the fire. First versions indicate that before being consumed by flames, the bus crashed.

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