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Asking for a raise or special leave, getting money for an investment or winning over a potential partner, can be achievable goals if you use the suitable wordss. That states Álvaro Gordoa, rector of the College of Public Image, who recently published his new book Get away with it! (Aguilar, 2023).

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“This is a rhetoric book, which is everything we do with language to achieve our purposes. With it I try to help people, with a simple and practical reading, which uses techniques from 2,500 years ago, to establish a different and conscious relationship with what we do with our language,” he explains. Alvaro Gordoain an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

We are persuasive animalswe know that through language we can achieve many things, such as acceptance, belonging, influencing others, not losing what we have, establishing meaningful interpersonal relationships. That is why rhetoric has been and is part of our nature, what perhaps has not been so grounded is the way we teach it,” he adds.

In this way, this book compiles, “digests” and shares in a simple way reflections on the language and art of conviction from great masters of history, such as Corax, Giorgias, Socrates, Aristotle, Quintinialus, George Puttenham, until we reach our times. This, Gordoa assures, with a great sense of humor and seeking for the reader to have fun while learning and being able to carry out a practical method.

Getting your way is not stepping on others.

Álvaro Gordoa comments that This book can be read with different approaches, first as a source of tools to influence others, but also for the recognition and dismantling of this type of mechanisms that can be used against us.

“Raising awareness of these techniques, andBeing aware of the arts of persuasion helps us to be able to use communication in a more strategic way, but also in a more ethical way, because getting our way does not mean going over others, but knowing how to argue.

“This book that explains the communication, helps to weave a good interpersonal relationship. Finally, I am dedicated to public image, and image is perception, what we want to take care of is that and our reputation. So, it is a matter of our reputation being favored in the communication processes by pleasing others through words,” Gordoa points out.

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Taking this idea into account, Gordoa, in the interview, emphasizes that Public image is about the perception that people have in their minds about each of us. and that, although we cannot control what is thought about us, we are responsible for the causes that generate these perceptions. In this game of “causes and effects,” as the interviewee calls it, words play a fundamental role, since the entire complex system of signs that verbal language implies may or may not change perception.

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