Bad Religion at Vive Latino: our followers are now parents – El Sol de México

The members of Bad Religion they consider that the festivals of music They are a great place to celebrate the meeting between people of different generations, who mix in the audience. That is why they feel very excited about their next presentation at the Live latino, which will take place on Saturday, March 16.

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At a press conference, where they were present Brian Baker, Jay Bentley and Greg Graffin (vocalist and founder of the band), the latter told The Sun of Mexico that during his 40 years of experience, he has noticed that his own fans have taken it upon themselves to transmit his music.

“I have noticed that many of our followers are now parents, and they bring their children to the concerts. It is always a pleasure for me, because it shows that music is part of the family tradition, and that means a lot to us,” she declared.

Given that since their beginnings in the 80s they have been characterized by including political messages in their songs (“Los Angeles Is Burning”, “American Jesus” and “I Want To Conquer The World”, are some of his greatest successes), the possibility remains open that if there is a message in your songsthis is still valid among young people.

“I hope it’s not indoctrination, or something sinister,” he commented with a laugh. “In general I consider that a great privilege,” he also added. composer.

However, the musician stressed the importance of knowing how to separate his opinions from his artistic worksince he considers that as a group they must understand that they are in the world of entertainment, but not in politics.

As he recalled, when he and his teammates started they were under 20 years old (the original lineup was made up of him, Brett Gurrewitz, Jay Bentley and Jay Ziskrout), but since then they were clear that their work should be more focused on rock.

“We started when we were teenagers, but we were very aware that ‘overpoliticizing’ was not a sustainable practice in the world of entertainment. Because outside of entertainment, everything will change in many directions, pretending you know those directions is a lot of self-service to be a good artist.

“In the end your main goal is to make people happy, in our case we try to make people think a little about things, but I don’t think that being too heavy-handed is a good thing.”

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When asked if there are any mexican group that they like, they confessed that they are not as familiar with the national panorama as they would like. Brian Baker He expressed his desire to have more time to meet more colleagues when they go to a festival.

“I regret not being able to meet more bands from the countries where we tour, but it is a great privilege to meet them when we are backstage. That’s one of my favorite things about being in these festivals”, he concluded.

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