Chihuahua’s resilience in the face of drought – El Sol de México

Insufficient water supply is a real problem, and it is a very serious problem. We Chihuahuas are accustomed to constantly thinking about the scarcity of vital liquid, since ours is an arid and inhospitable land, and every drop of water it offers us is given to us with suspicion and austerity. Therefore, we are a State that protects its bodies of water for what they are: extremely limited sources of the most important resource for life.

Perhaps a person who was born in a region where water resources are more abundant – at least apparently – might think that the rapid depletion of drinking water is not a major problem. He might even be tempted to resist seeing the complexity of the matter, and try to ignore the warnings coming from experts around the world. But we Chihuahuas are very sensitive to any sign or alarm of water scarcity, and we quickly activate a state of alert, prevention and responsibility.

No one is more aware of the risks of drought than those Chihuahuans who work in the agricultural sector. Perhaps a citizen outside the environment of food production is not so sensitive to water insufficiency, but farmers and ranchers struggle every year to grow crops, even when rain is limited. This puts a historic vocation at risk, and even more so, it puts the foundations of our economy at risk.

Today it is clear that the industrial vocation is the source of resources for a large portion of the population in Mexico. But food production continues to be the historical and fundamental vocation of our country, since it has not lost either growth or relevance in the international market. Some of the most industrialized nations in the world see their economies threatened by the weakening of their agri-food production, because although they export millions of dollars in industrial goods, they are increasingly dependent on imports to meet their needs. nutrition of the population.

Our country has grown both in the industrial sector and in the agricultural sector, and this should be a source of great pride for everyone, especially for the people of Chihuahua. Well, even with all the droughts that have hit our great State, we have been able to occupy the first positions in livestock and agricultural production. Today, we occupy first place in exporting live cattle to the United States, and we are the main producer of 8 crops: green alfalfa, cotton, forage oats, grain oats, onion, green chili, apple and walnut.

All of this tells us a story of perseverance and strength. It tells us that the people of Chihuahua have emerged victorious in their constant fight with that invisible threat that is drought. It tells us about an agricultural sector that has had the courage and resilience to extract prosperity from the precariousness of our arid land.

Therefore, now that there are voices around the world – and particularly throughout our country – warning of the imminent drought that we will all have to face, we Chihuahuas cannot turn a deaf ear. It has never been an option for us to look in another direction and ignore the tremendous risk we face when rain is insufficient. Today, there are areas in the country that face water crises that they had not experienced before (eg Mexico City), and if a resilient and responsible attitude is not adopted, agriculture and livestock throughout the Nation will be compromised. , and above all, more and more people will suffer from not having access to the vital liquid.

Therefore, we must all work together throughout the Republic. As Chihuahuas we can contribute a lot in this matter, since we have been defeating water scarcity for centuries. We value the vital liquid for what it is, an irreplaceable treasure, and few things can generate more alarm in our land than threats to the most important resource of all. So, as a country, we must stop ignoring the threat of drought, and take a responsible attitude like the one we have historically had to adopt in Chihuahua due to the constant onslaught of drought.

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