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Sales of new cars recorded their best January since 2020 with 112 thousand units, which only with the same period in 2023 represented an increase of 18.7%, and although the annual marketing expectation for the entire year is more moderate, many brands are preparing to reinforce its offer of models and innovations that will be distributed throughout 2024.

This is the case of KIA México, directed by Horacio Chávez, which in the first month of the year sold 8,204 units, an annual increase of 9.3%, which allowed it to reach a market share of 8.7% that will continue to increase with the new features it has. prepared for the year and which will be unveiled on February 27.

Globally, March will be a very active month for the Korean brand: on March 8, within the framework of International Women’s Day, the overall winner of the Women Worldwide Car of the Year 2024 will be announced, where KIA EV9 was already recognized as the winner of the SUV category, in an evaluation where 62 models participated, and where it stood out for its attributes in terms of safety, driving experience, technology, efficiency, environmental impact and value for money; and will now face the four winners of other categories to determine the overall winner.

And by the end of the same month and within the framework of the New York International Automobile Show, the winner of the Car of the Year will be known where it also competes with EV9, which is already among the 10 finalists, in addition this model participates in 2024 World Electric Vehicle of the same contest.

Automatic innovation

There are two crucial issues for the ATM network that totals more than 62 thousand devices, according to CNBV data. The first is that for a large majority of users it is the first point of contact with banking services, and the second is that it continues to top the list of places with perceived insecurity. And these are the challenges that it seeks to overcome in terms of ATMs, and for this it has the support of its technological partner Diebold.

In this context, since the end of January, Banorte has made available to its clients a new generation of its network of more than 10,000 ATMs that not only offers a more intuitive menu, but also the possibility of customizing the options for each client, which is translates into more agile and secure operations with a shorter stay on the device. Banorte modified the way the balance is displayed; If it is greater than 10 thousand pesos, it will not be displayed directly on the final screen, and the user has the option to reveal or hide it using a button; incorporated the “See promotions” function, with offers and promotions adapted to the customer’s needs; included displaying the amounts of the last two cash withdrawals; added an informative GIF that provides practical advice on using the code reader when making withdrawals without a card, among other new features.


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