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In the 1950s it was unthinkable for a woman to express her tastes, her interests, but above all, to express her position on sexual pleasure.

At that time, when women managed to gain their right to vote, the series “Consuelo” is set, which It tells the personal and professional evolution of a woman who, after a divorce, gets ahead selling sex toys.

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“Now we are all very revolutionized, for us it is completely normal to talk about wanting to marry someone, get divorced, go somewhere, when it comes to sex it seems to me that the particular topic of self-knowledge and self-pleasure is still a taboo” , explain it actress Cassandra Sánchez Navarroprotagonist of the history.

“It’s funny how you can go to a supermarket, but you can’t go into a sex shop to buy a dildo, you have to be hiding. Everywhere there is news about what is happening in the world, but there is no talk of the female pleasurefor many address the topic of sex is still a bit shocking“Our body is the gift that life gave us, it is yours and not talking about your own pleasure seems very funny to me. I think that little by little it will decrease because now these generations are changing that mentality,” Sánchez added. Navarrese.

The actress plays “Consuelo”a married woman, dedicated to the home, her children and a club of friends from a wealthy social class, but her “perfect” life collapsed when her husband abandoned her.

To get ahead, he begins to look for work and that is how he enters an unusual business: sale of sex toys.

His great antagonist is “Olga” (Catherine Siachoque), a woman full of frustrations that she hides within a false morality. She will undertake the mission to prevent Consuelo from continuing to sell her products, while dealing with her unhappiness and her husband’s abuse.

“Comfort It’s a little about how women have evolved.everything that could not be done at that time, 70 years ago they could not vote, it was not a requirement to have sexual pleasure, that was for men, they did have to satisfy their sexuality, women were only there to procreate, they could not work, have a bank account, they could not be abandoned by their husband, be single… Now we need many things to conquer, the path traveled in such a short time has been wonderful, what our mothers and grandmothers experienced was not easy at all ”Siachoque said in an interview.

The series is a fusion between a classic melodrama and current comic contentset before the sexual revolution.

Erick Chapa, Eileen Yáñez, Lincoln Palomeque and Verónica Bravo are part of the cast of history.

“I think Consuelo is going to be a gift for the older generationsEven if they are scared, it will be a gift for them, a chance and giving themselves the opportunity to give themselves pleasure,” said Sánchez Navarro.

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“To the extent that you know each other, you can also be a better partner, because if you don’t know how to please yourself, you can’t help the other person find a solution either.” mutual satisfaction because we are all different, that makes them better wives too,” said Siachoque.

Consuelo will premiere on April 19, through the platform ViX.

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