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The Breakthrough Awardsbetter known as the ‘Oscars of Science’were presented this weekend at a gala attended by technology industry leaders and movie stars to celebrate the greatest minds and their discoveries.

The museum from the Film Academy welcomed the winners of this recognition for their findings in five categories endowed with the most lucrative prize in the scientific field with three million dollarswhich is more than double the amount granted in the Nobel Prize.

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Created and sponsored by entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley As the Google co-founder Sergey Brin or that of Goal, Mark Zuckerbergthe awards managed to bring together renowned artists such as Oscar winners Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Jessica Chastain who stopped to talk to the press in the Red carpet.

The protagonist of Tammy Faye’s eyes said it is necessary “inspire children” to venture into the field of research and scienceand that these kinds of celebrations are an important step.

For the eight-time nominee for Oscar, Glenn Close, recognition as Breakthroughs are important because they give scientists more time in their laboratories instead of dedicating it to obtaining subsidies.

For Glenn Close, awards like this are important because they give scientists more time in their labs instead of getting grants.

“I think that It’s wonderful that it’s happening in Hollywood. (the awards), because more attention should be paid to these people who do great research,” said the actress, winner of three Golden Globes.

Spanish chemistry Sabine Hadida (originally from Barcelona), who was awarded along with her colleagues Paul Negulescu and Fredrick Van Goor for his work to develop effective medications to treat the hidden causes of cystic fibrosissaid she felt very excited to receive the award.

The scientist said that He has been working together with his team for more than 20 years in his research and Financing has been vital.

The executive director of tesla and owner of x, Elon Musk, stole the show on the carpet. “I would like to bring a message of hope and optimism. We want to be excited about the future and inspire whatever comes next… I believe that technology moves civilization forward, saves lives and makes life interesting. I hope it doesn’t kill us all,” he said jokingly.

Comedian James Corden was in charge of conducting the awards ceremony created in 2012. The Briton shared the stage with Alicia Keys, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldaña.

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams They represented the athleteswho were accompanied by entertainment figures such as Kim Kardashian.

Among the nineteen winners There are scientists focused on fighting Parkinson’s disease and the canceras Carl June and Michel Sadelainwho devised a innovative leukemia treatmentthe CAR-T cell therapy.

Sadelain explained to EFE that His team hopes that in the future the treatment can be used in the battle against other types of cancer.he lupuswave diabetesamong other diseases.

Ellen Sidransk, Thomas Gasser and Andrew Singleton They also won an award for Discover the most common genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease.

In the category of physicalthe scientists John Cardy and Alexander Zamolodchikov They were applauded for their theories on fundamentals of the subjectwhich can be applied in areas as diverse as the estudy of black holes and of the quantum computing.

He Breakthrough in mathematics was awarded to Simon Brendleof the Columbia University for his contributions in the field of differential geometry, and physicists Hidetoshi Katori and Jun Ye were celebrated for creating the Most accurate timing device in history.

Three doctors in mathematics received the award Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers provided with $50,000 (46,857 euros) each.

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Twelve researchers novicesamong them the Chilean Laura M. Perez and the Colombian Paola Pinilla, They won six New Horizons prizes worth $100,000 (93,715 euros) each.

The total of prizes awarded this year amounts to 15.75 million dollars (14.76 million euros), which increases the amount awarded in the history of the Prize Breakthrough to 308 million dollars (288.6 million euros).

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