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After experiencing a pandemic and survive breast cancerwith 70 years old and 53 years of artistic careerthe actress Patricia Reyes Spindola prepares to travel to Taiwan and Puerto Rico to film the movie Foreigner in which he will speak Mandarin, English and Spanish.

“I will play a Mexican mother who has many experiences with her daughter, in this drama she flees Puerto Rico due to problems with her husband and will learn to live in Taiwan and get ahead despite the language,” details the leading actress.

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He May 15th this adventure begins. “I will stay three weeks in Puerto Ricocame to the island first and I will be a week in Taiwanit will be the first time I am on this eastern island,” he explains to The Sun of Mexico.

This is the return of the actress to the seventh art, where He has participated in 58 films.

The last six months Reyes Spindola toured the entire country with the play Their mother’s daughters and on television the second season of the series is about to premiere on April 18 It’s free.

The actress is grateful that they continue to write characters for her, like the one she does in this series of Alvaro Curiel in which he gives life to Doña Concepciónan empowered grandmother, owner of a taxi fleet that employs 30 drivers, including her grandson Chuy.

The actress defends that at her age life goes on, with the same needs, she affirms that in the 21st century grandmothers have already evolved, before It seemed like they couldn’t do anything anymore, now they even have a sex life.

At 70 years old there is still a life“What happens is that no one wants to imagine their mother, their grandmother, playing around, but there is still a sexual life.”

In honor of Gómez Cruz

The actress too He remembered his colleague Ernesto Gómez Cruzpassed away last 6 of April.

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“We agree in some films, there weren’t many, but we did work together in film. I loved him so much. Alberto Estrella paid tribute to him in a short film and I had the opportunity to be part of the film, although it was in a small role, I am satisfied that it was the last thing I did with him by my side, he is the protagonist.”

“Gómez Cruz was one of the best Mexican film, television and theater actors. He is a pillar in the audiovisual entertainment industry. Life goes on and from here I send you a kiss on behalf of the artistic community,” he added.

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