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JERUSALEM. Iran warned Israel and the United States of one “much greater response” If there is any retaliation for your massive drone attack and missiles against Israeli territory overnight, as Israel asserted its right to respond and USA announced that he refuses to join an eventual Israeli counterattack.

Iran urged Israel not to react militarily to its unprecedented attack launched during the night, which he presented as a justified response to the bombing that destroyed his consulate in Damascusin which seven Revolutionary Guards died, including two generals of that ideological militia of Iran.

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“The case can be considered closed,” the Iranian mission announced to the UN in a message published three hours after the start of the first direct attack against Israel that Iran carried out from its territory.

He president Iranian, Ebrahim Raisiwarned yesterday that any action “reckless” of Israel and its allies will lead to a “stronger response” of the Islamic Republic.

The head of the Iranian armed forces, Mohammad Bagharicarried out an operation that reached “all your goals”.

Israel assured that the attack “was thwarted” thanks to “a defensive coalition of international allies” headed by USA.

The Guardians of the Revolution They said they fired more than 200 drones and missiles at military targets in Israeli territory.

United States Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed the destruction of more than 80 suicide drones and six ballistic missiles launched from Iran and from Houthi rebel positions in Yemen.

The Iranian ambassador to the UNAmir Saeid Iravani, for his part, assured that the “Security Council has failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security”by not condemning the April 1 attack in Damascus.

Meanwhile, the ambassador Israeli, Gilad Erdanclaimed at the meeting that the Security Council must “act” and impose “all possible sanctions on Iran before it is too late.”

He said that no one had the right to ask their country to “stand by” and added: “We are a nation of lions.”

Both Erdan as Iravani They accused themselves of being the main actor in regional destabilization. For the Israeli, Iran has filled the region with ‘proxies’ (delegated agents) who They seek its destruction tirelessly from Yemen, Lebanon or Syria through allied militias.

While Iravani recalled the multiple resolutions of the Security Council ignored by Israel in the Palestinian conflict or the powers that country has to intervene extraterritorially, such as in its attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, without the international community reacting, the Iranian lamented.

Meanwhile, the war cabinet of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is in favor of retaliating against Iranbut is divided over the timing and scale of any response, Israeli officials said.

The five-member cabinet, in which Netanyahu, the minister of Defense Yoav Gallant and the Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz has decision-making powermet yesterday and was expected to meet again to continue debating.

Israel “will demand a price” from Iran “at the right time”reported Gantz.

However, The United States announced that it refuses to join a possible Israeli counterattackwhile the president Joe Biden warned Netanyahuto “think carefully” about any escalation.

The White House said Biden did not want a broader war after helping his ally repel the attack.

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The Iranian attack generated global concern and calls for restraint to avoid an escalation of unforeseeable consequences in a region in suspense for more than six months due to the war between Israel and Hamas in Loop.

The entire international community agreed on the UNduring the emergency session of the Security Council, in a called to avoid escalation in the Middle Eastto which he even added Iran.

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