Deputies sign agreement with the TEPJF to coordinate challenge sentences – El Sol de México

The Chamber of Deputies and the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch of the federation (TEPJF) signed this Thursday a agreement that seeks to “institutionalize” the coordination between the two powers regarding electronic notifications of the sentences that resolve means of challenge.

The president of the Board of Directors of the Lower House, Marcela Guerra Castilloexplained that “this has to do with the election of deputies in the electoral process in force this year and thereby guarantee the correct installation of the next Legislature.”

In addition to this agreement, another agreement was signed regarding academic cooperation for the publication of “the new dimensions of substantive equality”, with which a compendium of the relative rulings on substantive equality and the reforms that will be carried out will be made. materialized with these sentences.

In this regard, a month ago they had a meeting deputy Guerra Castillo and the Magistrate president of the TEPJF, Monica Aralí Soto Fregosowhere they agreed to update a collaboration agreement in matter of academic cooperation and dissemination of publicationsrelated to the new dimensions of the substantive equality.

Since then, it was agreed to update an agreement for collaboration in academic cooperation and dissemination of publications related to substantive equality.

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There, it had also been anticipated that an agreement would be celebrated to institutionalize coordination between San Lázaro and the TEPJFregarding the notifications of the sentences that resolve means of challenging the election of federal deputies.

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