Fame / In addition to the fact that Fofo Márquez almost killed Edith with blows and kicks, the victim was left without a fifth by having to pay for his medical consultations without the millionaire’s help and here we tell you why… – El Sol de México

Edith, who was beaten and kicked by Fofo Márquez in a shopping center, assures: “There is no financial settlement with Fofo because since the judge linked it to attempted femicide, the crime is ex officio and cannot be settled with a financial compensation so I have to pay all my x-rays, doctors’ bills, psychologists’ bills, and medicines. They almost killed her and she was left without a fifth after paying for her medical consultations

For Wendy Guevara, as happened to Yalitza at the time, they had to open doors that were closed, they needed an opportunity, they took advantage of it and said, “I’m from here!”

Wendy was the first Mexican trans woman to cross national and international barriers, just as Yalitza was the first indigenous woman to do so. They both knew how to sell themselves very well, they empowered themselves and said: This is where I’m from and they won’t take me down from here! Be careful and they are not doing you any favors.

Yalitza represents and recovered the domain of the indigenous people whose culture is enormous and Wendy did the same representing the trans community and neither has allowed herself to be ignored by anyone. They opened the door to both of them and they took advantage of it perfectly, and it is something they were owed! For a reason they had that privilege and if you don’t understand it, ask the oracle of karma.

“Haters” full of hate and envy criticized Wendy on the networks saying: -With so many artists who could be on stage with Madonna, why did he talk to her?

Wendy answered them: -Talk to Madonna and ask her why she chose me, and see if she answers. Madonna is going to answer them; -I bring someone who swells up my ovary onto the stage. Ultimately, Madonna doesn’t give a damn what people say, she was born to shock and that’s what she does and she gets a lot out of it.

Ana Bárbara’s relatives poured gasoline on the fire trying to damage her marriage

Someone gave bad advice to Ana Bárbara’s brother, Francisco Ugalde, and told him if you composed two lines of his song, they have your money saved for you and since you are a millionaire, ask for your millions!

One of two either recovered the memory that he helped his sister compose or the need came to him but the only one who has the name, the career, the chambeadora is Ana Bárbara, the sad thing is that on top of all his relatives they want to harm him marriage adding gasoline to the fire.

Well, what a beautiful family! Ana Bárbara thinks: “They don’t love me so much anymore!

Although the brother is stuck, Ana Bárbara is not going to give him money, no, she would have already fixed it and they would have made peace!

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