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Leonel García returns to the musical competition on platforms with his eighth studio album “Pause”, which includes the duet with Carin Leon to whom he wrote “Good times”a song impregnated with the country sound that leads him to enter the Mexican regional 15 years as a soloist.

With dedication and to say goodbye to his mother, who passed away In 2022, he recorded the songs “Bye” and “Happy Zaza”for the person who helped and encouraged him the most and who was his number one fan.

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“Pausa” preserves the lyrical essence of the composer. “I make a play on words in poetry so that people identify with them,” he declared at the album’s presentation, and mentioned that he is venturing into new sounds like soul, rock, folkand country.

After the screening of a behind-the-scenes recording of the songs “save us“, “Good time”, “Pausa” and “Suficiente”, which are part of the 10 unreleased songs that are released in the production, with which he presents a concert of his “Pause Tour” at the National Auditorium, on December 12, the video clip of his duet with Carin Leon. In “Pause“, the Spanish singer also collaborates Rozalén on the song “Altar”.

Leonel shared that for write this album, “I really had to put myself in silence, on pause. The great challenge for the artist to be on stage is not being there, disappearing, silence is important, but I think it is one of my pending subjects to improve. I have to talk less. It is more important to listen.

I need to eventually return to gratitude., to silence, to pause. It gives you a perspective, because you observe where you are and what you are doing, that is what music is made of, silences. It is very important to discover the power that what you think has on what is going to happen to you. In an almost terrifying way, your future looks very similar to what you imagined it was going to be,” she noted.

Regarding the topics dedicated to his mother, he noted: “I lived a complicated process with the album at the time. I lost my mother at the beginning of 2022. The album comes with that emotional burden, I had to say goodbye to my mother and I wrote two songs that have to do with her departure. Through my music I understood and assimilated what it is like to lose someone who hurts us a lot. Knowing that that person leaves this plane, but he never leaves, but he really lives in you.

“The lyrics of ‘Adiós’ are a direct farewell. The topic ‘Happy zaza talks about the teachings he left me about how life works, that one does not he is completely happyNot sad, but simply cycles, emotional moments where you break.

“In these times I always think that there are several ways to see the world. One is through the media and the other is through your relationships with those close to you. If you see it through the media, it seems that not everything is falling apart with no hope for life in the future: Countries in political crisis, economic crisis, health crisis, ecological crisis. If you see it through the media you can feel hopeless.

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“Then you can analyze it with your relationships, the family, friends, coupleseeing the world that has nothing to do with newsneither him phone. And you realize that life is still wonderful, loving someone is the wonderful thing about existence, listening to a song, standing in front of the sea, hope is still wonderful.

“Is dangerous because The media helps in many thingsbut they can psychologically affect the mood of many people and they are doing it with the amount of information that bombards us every day. There are many wonderful things in life seen through love, to achieve family well-being, which is what corresponds to us in the first instance.”

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