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What happens at night in Mexico City? How to take advantage of the night to optimize urban services? How to improve the collective conditions of people who live or enjoy the night? How do other cities in the world do it? Is there diagnosis, planning, peace in the night?

After a forum at the Mexico City Congress in October 2023, night tours, investigations, interviews, testimonies, meetings with people who work, go out, travel at night, the agenda for the Night City continues to be enriched.

This Wednesday, June 17, starting at 7 pm, the Bajo Circuito (a low bridge rehabilitated into a concert hall in La Condesa) opens its doors and sets the stage to answer all those questions thanks to a plural conversation about a variety of themes linked to the night in Mexico City. Mexicolectivo together with other civil society organizations, media and private initiatives call for exchanges on three fundamental axes of the night:

  • “Night City of Rights” because people’s rights must also be guaranteed at night. What are the essential professions at night? What can we do to improve job dignity? How do priority care groups experience the night? This is the case, for example, of people with disabilities and accessibility.
  • “Active and planned Night City” for a City alive at night with safe mobility, with ordering, cultural dynamism, public spaces used in all the City’s municipalities.
  • “Peaceful Night City” to guarantee all people a night with mental peace and emotional health, a night free of discrimination, prejudice or any other type of violence. So that all people can go out into the streets and move without fear and also to learn more about risk and harm reduction on the subject of substance use.

Each of these tables will be interspersed with the musical talent of the Musas Sonideras, a sound of pure women that emerged in 2017 thanks to Marisol Mendoza “La musa mayor” to promote gender equality and make women visible in the predominantly male sound environment. .

Night City is an open and living initiative under construction. Throughout history there has always been the presence of activities, social practices, and experiences at night. Today, there is an opportunity to organize ourselves collectively to learn about our impressions and experiences, to act for the Night City that we want. That is why during the event testimonies and proposals from those attending will be collected, in addition to the participation of the speakers to strengthen an agenda that has already been written for several weeks.

This agenda of concrete proposals will be delivered to the three candidates for the Head of Government of Mexico City, Clara Brugada, Salomón Chertorivski and Santiago Taboada, so that whoever wins the elections can promote a transversal public policy for the night in the City of Mexico, which has its seal but also has the opportunity to shine even more.

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