Relatives ask for information about the inmates after the riot in Cereso – El Sol de México

Given the uncertainty of not knowing anything about the status of the inmates who participated in the riot at the Acapulco Reintegration Center, a group of people arrived to demand information about the state where their relatives are.

Men and women were stationed near the esplanade of the Las Cruces prison; However, elements of the National Guard prevented their passage and ordered them to leave.

As reported in a timely manner, during the early hours of this Thursday, custodial staff prepared the transfer of inmates to federal prisons, when a group of inmates “disturbed the order.”

In this situation, A team of riot police intervened to control the disturbance of order and at least two uniformed officers were confirmed injured during the process.

Once information about the brawl circulated, relatives of the prisoners came to ask for news about the state they are in, since they fear the worst even though it was assured that there were no deaths.

A strong security operation was set up outside the prison, which is in charge of personnel from the Mexican Army. Secretariat of the Mexican Navy, National Guard and State Police, who prevent access to the prison esplanade.

Note published in The Sun of Acapulco

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