Spinoza: they develop AI designed to protect the intellectual property of journalists – El Sol de México

The organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) together with the Alliance de la presse d’information générale (Apig) announced the development of a Artificial Intelligence (AI) dedicated exclusively to journalists.

Spinoza Project is the name of the AI and is aimed at the written press and aims to develop a tool for preserve the intellectual property of the media over their publications.

The first prototype is expected to be ready for 2023 and have as its first function the climate change information collection whose information will come from “databases composed of scientific productions, legal texts and press articles supplied by voluntary media,” noted RSF.

Now that its development is advanced, it is expected that Spinoza function as a technology that allows journalists to find complex data and guarantees that the information obtained is not reused by AI without mentioning the original source.

Spinoza It will be developed as an open source tool, so it will be accessible to everyone and can be adapted and used by any media.

The project arises from the need to resolve the complaints and demands of journalists regarding the violation of copyright by television programs. Artificial intelligence.

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Last July, 8 thousand writers signed an open letter addressed to OpenAI, Alphabet, Meta, IBM, Microsoft and Stabililty, who were accused of using their works without consent. “By flooding the market with mediocre books, stories and journalism, typewritten and based on our work, our profession is at risk,” the group said, adding that in the last decade its income has decreased 40 percent.

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