Taboada accuses Batres of negligence over contaminated water from Benito Juárez – El Sol de México

Santiago Taboadacandidate of the “Va X La CDMX” coalition, accused Martí Batres of negligencehead of Government of Mexico City, for acting late on neighbors’ complaints in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office who received contaminated water coming from the Alfonso XIII well.

At a press conference, Santiago Taboada stated that the mayor’s office Benito Juarez It’s not the only one you have the problem of contaminated water.

“Let him respond to the neighbors. The big problem is that we have a government that seems to minimize crises, tragedies, and it seems like they were an invention… Unfortunately, we see that the narrative of this has to do with the electoral process. Don’t be lazy and really see that there is a very serious problem,” he said.

Accompanied by PAN candidates, he recalled that the administration local communicated that No there was no risk in water, without make samples or analysis exhaustive to reach that conclusion.

He called on the Mexico City Water System to take more efficient measures to address this issue, so that there are no more effects in the future. And, he asked the candidates of Brunette not bad to inform to the habitants.

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