Ten Houthi rebels from Yemen die in a US bombing in the Red Sea – El Sol de México

Ten Yemen Houthi rebels They died this Sunday in the Red Seaafter the us army claimed to have sunk three of his ships in response to attacks on a container ship from a Danish carrier.

The spokesperson of the yemeni rebelsYahya Saree, indicated on the social network yemeni naval forces“.

The attack caused “the death and disappearance of ten members of the naval forces,” he added.

A port source previously indicated that “Ten Houthis killed and two wounded in US attack against Houthi ships that were trying to intercept a ship at sea off Hodeida,” in Yemen.

The injured were rescued and taken to hospitaland four others survived, according to port sources, who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity.

The US military said it sank three Houthi rebel ships that had attacked a Maersk container ship in the Red Sea.

After the Houthis fired on the US helicopters, they “responded in self-defense, sinking three of the four small vessels, killing the crew,” the ministry said. United States Central Command in the Middle East (CENTCOM) in a statement, specifying that the fourth boat “fled the area.”

The US Navy, the source indicated, was responding to a request for assistance from the “Maersk Hangzhou”, a container ship flying the flag of Singaporeowned and operated by Denmark, which said it was attacked for the second time in 24 years while sailing through the Red Sea.

The ship had already been the target of two ballistic missiles launched from Yemeni territory controlled by the Houthis, which the US military shot down.

Since it began conflict between Israel and Hamas After the deadly attack committed by the Palestinian Islamist movement in Israeli territory on October 7, the Houthis have attacked ships in the Red Sea on several occasions, and have stated that they do so in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

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These attacks, which occur on an important commercial transit route, led the United States to launch a multinational naval force to protect ships sailing through the Red Sea.

Just after the United States announcement, the Danish company Maersk announced that it was suspending the transit of its ships through the Red Sea for 48 hours.

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