The Front is the true destroyer: Adrián Rubalcava; accuses “Alito” of treason – El Sol de México

The mayor of Cuajimalpa with license, Adrian Rubalcavaresigned from the PRI and assured that the destruction is within the Foreheadwhich integrates that party together with PAN and PRDwhich chose Santiago Taboada to compete for the head of government in 2024.

He candidate yesterday he accused the national leader of the tricolor party, Alejandro Morenoof betraying him, since he opted for the PAN candidate as precandidate and not by a process in which there was a contrast of ideas and proposals.

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“The only thing I asked was that they let us compete and that people could contrast the Projects of each of the candidates; However, she got upset, she said that then she wouldn’t have the support of the game and I told him: ‘I’m not worried, I’m not interested,’” he told El Sol de México.

According to the mayor, Alejandro Moreno mentioned that the candidate for Forehead to the presidency, Xóchitl Gálvez, requested that there be a single pre-candidacy to avoid political hammering within the alliance process. She later told the applicant that she opted for the agreed method.

Adrian Rubalcavawho gave a conference in the afternoon, criticized the process of Front selectionand assured that its leaders are the ones who harm these political institutions.

“I believe that this blow is not for el PRI sno for him Forehead and I am very sorry for the candidate Xóchitl Gálvezbecause I think she is hostage to three characters who manipulate her and use her as a puppet to make decisions and it is so clear that they blamed her.

“I am a builder of democracy, I am not a destroyer of the country. How sad that today I realize that Forehead the one I was in is the true destroyer of the vision and position that they have expressed fight Andrés Manuel (López Obrador).

“Today I see that the destruction is not in front of us, but within the party,” he added in an interview.

The politician assured that Alejandro Moreno is ending with him PRI, since he did not rule out that there are deputies and militants who also resign from the party. He also considered that the Front could lose some mayorships in 2024.

“I get out of the PRI“I am not going to be in a party that I trusted, that I was very fond of, I supported it for many years, but today its leadership betrays its principles,” he said in his conference in the afternoon.

In this regard, the former Secretary of the Interior and former PRI member, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chongexpressed his support for the mayor and reiterated his statements against Alejandro Morenoaccusing him of lying and betraying.

In Brunettea party that Adrián Rubalcava did not rule out joining, the mayoral candidate Magdalena Contreras, Fernando Mercado, also supported it. The mayor in Cuauhtémoc attended the candidate’s conference, Sandra Cuevas, who also sympathized with him.

“Support is done head-on. You have my support, my love and Cuauhtémoc so that we can fight,” said the mayor, who avoided saying whether or not she is leaving the Forehead.


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Yesterday, the deputy of PRD, Luis Espinosa Cházarowho was also competing for a pre-candidacy for the Forehead criticized the Aztec sun for allegedly giving in to the imposition of Santiago Taboadabut he clarified that he will not leave the party.

About, Alejandro Moreno He recognized the position of Luis Espinoza Cházaro and assured that his continuation in the project will help the city win.

Santiago Taboada, the sole candidate of the Front, as well as deputy Cynthia López Castro, supported the PRI leader. With information from Aabye Vargas

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