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I recently read a message in English on social media that said something like “before accepting 2024, I want to read the terms and conditions.”

2023 was a busy year in terms of socio-digital conversation and 2024 doesn’t look any different. Although we would not fit the entire year in one column, we will try to summarize the main items that are aligned with the Inclusive Development Model – MDI – of Coparmex.

  • Education: Although it is not a topic that social networks normally talk about, two main events marked the sociodigital agenda. On the one hand, the new textbooks and on the other, the results of the PISA test. Both topics were negative by more than 80%, where users expressed concern mainly about the educational setback in recent years.
  • Health: Although the socio-digital discussion on this topic does not have pandemic levels, the audience showed concern throughout the year mainly about these issues: Lack of vaccines, shortage of medicines and cancer treatments, as well as deficiency in health care in the IMSS and the ISSSTE. Likewise, due to the increase in family budgets in health expenses derived mainly from the lack of attention in this area.
  • Rule of law: Just as in 2022 the digital media created #INENoSeToca, they have also been very attentive to institutions such as INAI, SCJN, TEPJF and again the INE. There is real concern among Internet users about the weakening, and even disappearance, of autonomous organizations and the division of powers.
  • Environment: There is a negative perception of the socio-digital audience in this matter. It is perceived that large works such as the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas Refinery, instead of contributing to international agreements on this matter, constitute ecocides. They also perceive that the Government is not doing anything substantial in terms of water or clean energy.
  • Security: In addition to being a transversal issue in society, it is the most relevant on the socio-digital agenda. From minor crimes such as robbery on public transport, to highway robberies, homicides and femicides, and forced disappearances are some of the events that social networks record daily. The attitude towards the Government on this issue is more than 90% negative and the general perception is that the policy against insecurity and violence is failed.

The balance is not positive this year. My own daughter was a victim of femicide last September. For this reason, the terms and conditions of the following year are in the hands of each of the Mexicans, where we have to go from complaining on social networks to action.

We can all do little things. From waiting for a turn and crossing the street through the white zebras of the pedestrian crossing, working together with civil society, reporting crimes on time, voting in the next elections, educating our children in values ​​and being, before anything else, good people.

I trust in the future, in justice and in love. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024! #OpiniónCoparmex

Ximena Cespedes

President of the Internal Communication Committee of Coparmex Nacional

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