They rescue and give first aid to a kitten trapped in a fire in Tepito (Video) – El Sol de México

Elements of the Rescue and Medical Emergencies Squad (ERUM) they rescued a kitten that was in the Plaza Oasis fire in the Tepito neighborhoodin the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

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The feline that was inside one of the warehouses received the first aidwhile various people who are dedicated to rescuing animals offered to protect the cat until he can find a home where he is safe.

He Mexico City Fire Department fight the fire to prevent it from spreading to other buildings; however, The goods inside continue to fuel the fire.

In accordance with Myriam Urzúa, sSecretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection500 people were evacuated from the area as were about 200 children from a nearby high school.

The report until minutes after 6:00 p.m. was that the flames meet contained in the center of the shopping plazawhile firefighters continue fighting to suffocate them with more than 40 pipes and they will continue to come from all the municipalities.

The Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office confirmed that given the “conflict in the area” they had to free up public space where street vendors are concentrated as well as some warehouses that have excess storage and whose products are highly flammable.

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A member of the firefighters confirmed that they are using firefighting foam. The use of this material was prioritized after the wave of market fires that occurred in 2019, as stated then by the director of the body, Juan Manuel Pérez Cova.

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