Tulum airport will have visibility problems in the winter season: expert – El Sol de México

He inaugural flight of Mexicana de Aviación bound for Tulumwith a cost of 399 pesos for some passengers, was expensive, after the boing 737-800 coming from the AIFA he could not land at his destination and did so in Merida, 260 kilometers from Tulum Airport.

The weather conditions and jungle between Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Tulumthey generated a fog bank and minimum visibility on the runway what caused the diversion of flight 1788 with 178 passengers on board.

Airport authorities They limited themselves to reporting that The flight was diverted due to weather conditions; However, Francisco Canul, an experienced journalist of Mayan origin, who knows the jungle area, told the Sol de México that “In the winter season the airport will have this problemsince it is located in the heart of the Mayan jungle.”

He specified that from the header of Tulum to International Airport On federal highway 307 it is 32 kilometers away and then you have to go 16 kilometers into the jungle to reach the air terminal.

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In winter he pointed out, there is a lot of fog in the area and proof of this was the tragic accident this morning of Tuesday, December 26 on the Tulum-Playa del Carmen highway, where, Because of the fog, a compact car crashed behind a trailer causing the death of three people.

He Tulum airport was built to 32 kilometers from Tulum already 80 kilometers from Felipe Carrillo Puertowith an admission of 16 kilometers into the junglewhere It rains a lot and the fog banks are denser this season.

Upon arriving in Quintana Roo, the boing 737-800 of Mexican Aviationperformed the holding pattern – circle flights – but could not land due to lack of visibility even though it was already 11:00, local time.

Francisco Canul, assures that Fog has been the cause of many car accidents in this area and that In winter the fog banks are more dangerous to drive on the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto section.

For its part, military authorities have classified Tulum International Airport as a “Green” airportwhile the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he baptized him as Jungle Airport.

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On the other hand, Mrs. Celia Espinosa Cedillo, originally from Cancun, who boasted on social networks about the flight for 399 pesos to Tulum, expressed her happiness at traveling on the inaugural flight of Mexicana de Aviación, however as a sign of omen she said ” Until I get to Tulum, I’m not going to believe it.”

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