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At the end of 2023 there were too many rumors about the aftermath of different animated films that would arrive this year and now disney confirmed which characters will come to the big screen again.

This Wednesday, the production company announced with a brief trailer, the delivery of Moana 2a character who, along with Mérida, from Brave, and Elsa, from Frozen, does not have a story in which she seeks the love of a prince.

In the video that disney made public, you see Moana on the shore of a beach ringing a seashell. Likewise, an image was shared showing a whale shark and other characters like Maui.

Although the plot of Moana 2Disney did announce that it will hit theaters on November 27, 2024.

What movies will Disney release?

Previously, the second part of Intenselybut this time, Pixar confirmed that it will be next June 14 when we can see Riley being a teenager who explores new emotions.

In the trailer you can see Joy, Disgust, Fury, Sadness and Fear controlling Riley’s emotions, but when her cabin turns orange, they realize that the protagonist will begin to meet Anxiety.

On the other hand, although it will not be until 2025, Disney and Pixar fans will be able to see the second installment of Zootopiaa film that addresses bravery through the bunny Judy Hopps, who fulfills her dream of being a police officer.

Another film that will be released in the future is Frozen 3which would arrive in 2026 after its second part came out in 2019. Although this was not as well received as the first film, many fans are looking forward to this third installment.

As if four movies weren’t enough, Disney-Pixar is also preparing the fifth film that will continue the story of the toys of toy storywhich would also arrive in 2026. This is one of the most anticipated sequels, since it is not known how the plot will continue after Woody said goodbye to his friends to embark on his path with Betty.

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In this way, fans of disney They have a long list of aftermath which you will be able to see soon in cinemas.

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